Update 13.0.1 to 17.0.0 in one step?

At the moment I am running an old version of Nextcloud, 13.0.1. And I want to upgrade to 17.0.0.

Do I have to update in several steps, like 13>14, 14>15, … 16>17?
Or can I update directly to 17.0.0?

I think it’s not possible with the updater in the system, but I know how to update manually. Are there any known errors within this process?

Thank you

As documentedSkipping major releases is not supported.

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Thanks. Therefore I have to do 4 Updates (to 14, 15, 16, 17), right?

Correct. I just did that recently and that is the process.


Did you use the updater within the system?
Did it all work without problems?

I used the updater.phar script. I upgraded to the next release, went to the admin tab to make sure all the checks were passing. If any weren’t (like if I needed to modify the database in some way), I’d then move on to the next release. Be sure to do proper backups in between each release, you upgrade to in case something goes sideways. I had my instance in a FreeBSD jail so I just did zfs snapshots and did a rollback if necessary (which was never since it was seamless for me)

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I wrote a bash-script which I use to backup and upgrade my instances, which might save you some time. You are welcome to use it: https://github.com/BernieO/ncupgrade#ncupgrade

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Thank you very much, @stratacast and @Bernie_O!
Great value here from you.

One additional question:
I reached 16.0.5 and I could read on this website “Latest stable version: 17.0.0” but my updater.phar says “No update available.”?
Do I have to wait a some days until the new stable version is viewed by the updater?

I updated now to 17.0.0 … but now I realized: No more files!
Do I have to start at the beginning now?

My data folder is in the structure of the cloud and not outside. Maybe that’s the reason? I copied it exactly the same way like config.php.


While recovering my nc13 backup there were parts updating to nc15 automatically and it didn’t work … therefore I decided:

  1. Installing nc17 new
  2. Adding all users
  3. Move the files to the directories manual

Now it works.
I hope the next updates will work with the updater …

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