Up-to-date guide for NCP ond Raspberry Pi 4 SSD (no microSD)?

Hi, I had an installation of NextcloudPi for mi Raspi 4 on an SSD without a microSD. Now the drive got corrupt and I want to reinstall everything (problem was also, that it said I now need a 64bit operating system). Does anyone know a recent guide on how to set up NCP on an SSD for the Raspi (with 64bit OS)? I only found outdated guides. Also, is the RaspberryPi NCP-image on github 64bit? Thanks a lot.

Which guides? Did you reading https://docs.nextcloudpi.com or try searching this forum?



I wonder if it is still necessary to set up a MicroSD on the Pi and afterwards copy everything on the SSD. Is it not possible to directly flash the SSD and make some config changes there?

If your raspberry pi has the latest eeprom with support for usb mass storage boot then yes, you can install/flash directly to your ssd then boot from that

Perfect, then I’ll try it like this :slight_smile:

Since you are on a 32-bit install it is also likely your eeprom (firmware) is out of date. You never clarified what you are actually on at the moment.

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Thanks for the hint. I will try tomorrow and prepare an extra microSD just in case. I had an older build (Buster not yet Raspberry OS).

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