UP/Download Speed Nexctloud VS Owncloud (older Version)


Here i have a Dedicated Server with a 1Gbit Connection to the Internet

On this server i have a productive Owncloud 9.1 Installation and for Testing a new Nextcloud Installation.
(Servicer is Vir. with ESXI)

On the other side i have a other Dedicated Server - also with a 1GBIT Connection using Windows as OS and using the Owncloud/Nextcloud Client.

With Owncloud 9.1 i have Data-Rates between 35 and 54MB/S (MB not MBIT)

With Nextcloud i have Rates between 9 and 12 MB/S (MB not MBIT)

I have same OS - same Resources - same HTTPS Connection - so i dont understand why neextcloud id so much slower in connection between this 2 Hots

Perhaps anyone have a Idea whats wrong here - perhaps there is a wrong configuration or something to tweak to speed it up.

BTW i only use Win Client for Filetransfer - no WEB interface for Transfer … - i also have to say that i only transfer large files (20GB) and there is no Speed Limitation within the Client configured

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Maybe this forum entry (or others, which can be found using the search-function) can help: