Untrusted domains

access through untrusted domain error

I had this working just fine , been solid useing the IOS app so I have not logged on via a web browser

Now I can’t access my site at all , via outside connections

I can access when I use its local 192.168.x.x and can gain access

Of course , I forgot my password for admin , just glad Firefox remembered ( both next cloud and a window’s are VM’s on the same server)

So how do I fix this error and stop it from coming back ??

I have now updated to the latest edition of Nextcloud via the upgrade path via windows on the local subnet

Thank you very much


I have red that , it did work at one time, now it does not

That’s the problem , I don’t understand why it fails to work now

Is there a way to make all internal addresses trusted?
For instance with a wildcard?

I have many devices to connect and they might change IPs over time.


Still don’t understand why I get untrusted domains , I have tried all , I can get via local , but not outside my network

It did work , help please

Had a friend try and still getting untrusted domain , how do I fix this … HELP please