Untrusted domain on Tailscale

Hello. I installed Nextcloud but when I try to connect with TAILSCALE I get the following error:


However, I can access it through my network without using TAILSCALE:


What I tried

  • I added trusted_domains in /www/nextcloud/config/config.php (All IPs)

  • certificate and key in nextcloud/config/keys/ folder:

tailscale cert --cert-file keys folder and the file --key-file keys folder and the file example.tail.ts. net(example).

  • I installed the ones in the keys folder with ca-certificates on my server.


The platform where Nextcloud is installed:

- Docker
- Image: lscr.i o/linuxserver/nextcloud:latest
- Debian 11

Devices I use

- Windows 11 (PC)
- Android 11

Thanks in advance.