Unsupported server version - Changing (free) provider

I am currently hosted by one of the free providers suggested by Nextcloud during the signing up process (https://kmu.files.cnow.at). Since a long time, when I log in the desktop app, the program tells me that “The server version is unsupported!”. In fact, it never caused any kind of problem until now. Nonetheless, I am worried that, with time and updates, being hosted on a server that does not upload its Nextcloud version may cause me issues. I would like to migrate on a more stable/updated (free) server provider, but I did not find any instruction on how to do it on Nexcloud’s forum or elsewhere. Does anyone know how to do it? Basically I would just like to “repeat” the process of choosing a (free) provider that I did during the signing up process, but without loosing my calendar and files. Just migrating them to the new choosen provider. Thanks to anyone for the help.

I think in Nextcloud 15 is no option to backup/restore your files and other data e.g. calendar. But in newer version there is an option if installed. Read this.

For backup/restore i think you must differ between files and other data.

a.) files
Perhaps the easied way is to use the Nextcloud Windows App and download/sync all files from your old nextcloud and upload/sync the files to the new nextcloud. Also you can perhaps use Federated-Sharing.

b.) calendar, …
Perhaps there are options to export and import calendar.

You may find that this is an error . I am on Nextcloud 22 but on one machine my desktop client reports an unsupported server version of 15

@DanieleDirei @TimK1

You can find the actual Nextcloud server version with this url in a browser:


Also you can use the Nextcloud security scan


Perhaps you must re-scan because the scans are cached and sometimes old.

Try contacting your host and asking them to help you with the export, or by upgrading their nextcloud.