Unshare remote cloud directory

I am running nextcloud 10 and i added a remote owncloud share to my instance via “add to your Xcloud” a couple of weeks ago.

Now i try to delete that share from my instance via “Unshare” action link but got an error without any action ("Error deleting file “XXXX”).

The log file like this:

Exception: {"Message":"HTTP\/1.1 503 Storage not 
 Sabre\\DAV\\Tree->delete('XXXX')\n#2 [internal function]: 
 call_user_func_array(Array, Array)\n#4 
Sabre\\Event\\EventEmitter->emit('method:DELETE', Array)\n#5 

It seems like the source is no longer available (can not check it as i cant remember the link i added).

How can i remove that folder?

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No solution for you but …

I had the same problem some days ago. I couldn’t unshare a folder from a remote ownCloud (8.2.7) instance.
Fortunately I had access to the remote system too. So I removed the share on this instance and then it was removed from my nextcloud.


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Seems like a bug. Just created a github issue about it: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/1625

As of now the remote target is no longer available but the files still show up in my folder. Tried to work with occ files_external and occ files:* without any success.

My current version is nextcloud 11.0.1.

Is there any chance to delete that folder the dirty way/manually (on shell or in datatbase)?

I found one reference to the external share in my database that i just deleted. Seems like that is a workaround.

MariaDB [nextcloud]> select * from oc_share_external;
| id | remote               | remote_id | share_token     | password | name    | owner  | user   | mountpoint | mountpoint_hash                  | accepted |
|  2 | http://XXXXXXX/cloud |        -1 | duXXXXXXXmTlCBL |          | /XXX    | XXX    |   XXX  | /XXX       | 25ca74b23eb1e2eeb76a0dXXXX0ce4   |        1 |
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