Unremovable Mail Fragments: Purge Nextcloud Mail and/or Specific Mail Accounts

I have a similar question to two prior questions (Sept 2019; January 2021), namely: is there a way to completely purge either a Nextcloud Mail install or a specific user mail account? I am opening a topic because the underlying issue is different.

I recently deleted a couple of mail accounts that I was using the Nextcloud Mail app to use. However, one of the accounts does not appear to have been properly removed. Instead of now having the screen you get when you have no accounts configured, prompting the user to configure an account, I have a fragment of the old account showing, with the “new message” button and priority inbox (though with no messages) showing (see screenshot). When I press “new message” the new message dialogue opens, showing the old deleted mail account in the from field (though sending fails)

I have tried, disabling and deleting the Mail app and reinstalling it, and I have also tried re-entering the old account and then deleting it, but nothing has fixed it. Bizarrely, it also appears to be causing a 30 second delay in opening the Mail app – a delay not experienced by other users on the same Nextcloud instance (opens in less than 2 seconds). When I try to send a mail from that deleted account, the mail sending fails, and then suddenly the Mail app starts loading quickly again (sub 2 seconds), but then after a few minutes it reverts to type and the 30 second delay.

So it seems clear that this undeleted fragment of a mail account is causing all sorts of trouble and I need to find a way to completely scrub this old email account from Nextcloud, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how. Any help would be much appreciated.

Solved by deleting all records in the database for the Mail app, thanks to @Morelcia (Removing Mail Accounts - #5 by Morelcia)