Unreliable Auto Uploading with Android Client App


I am running NextCloud 22 (latest snap release) under Ubuntu 20 LTS as a home server. The main purpose is to use it as Google Photos alternative. I have around 10/12 active users with multiple devices each

I am facing weird issue with the android client. I use the same method to setup all users and weirdly, some android phones simply refuse to auto upload anything. Yes, I have turned off all battery saving related features and added the client in ignore list.

This issue is random and I am unable to find anyway to recreate the problem. It’s not related to any specific brand or android version.

I am following same exact steps in setting up the phone client, in some phones, auto upload starts working immediately and work’s flawlessly and in case of some phones it would simply not work. Reinstalling the app, delete the user account in server and recreating a new one and still the auto upload won’t work.

In those devices where Android Client won’t auto upload, manual uploading works fine, so there are no connection or authentication related issue for sure.

I am completely clueless :roll_eyes:


No help for you, but I just want to confirm I see random failure with android auto-upload to nextcloud, and sometimes it fails, retries and succeeds but leaves a failure notification on-screen.

Most of the failures I’ve seen are tied to trying to upload a file while it is still being written, for example, a call recording. But it always completes successfully after the file has been closed. The failure notification remains though.

Thanks for the reply.

In my case, Auto upload either works or it doesn’t. There are no middle ground.

Yes, I agree in those phones where auto upload is working, there are occasional random failure notifications, but large my and users can ignore those as eventually our picture / video folders (those which are set for auto upload) are uploaded without any miss.

But the problem is with those phones where this App simply refuses to auto upload anything. Not a single byte. Its so random as there are no pattern. The Android client app in some phones (different brands / different Android version) simply won’t auto upload, no matter how many times I delete the app, reinstall or at server side, delete the user and recreate the steps from start.


Perhaps it works better with the new version.

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I have this issue when I update to version 3.18.x.x the auto uploads stop completely. I even went as far as deleting my uploaded folder on the server and re-initialising everything but still nothing. I had to downgrade to Version 3.17.1, which is still marked as “suggested” by FDroid as it happens! That was when I found out that my photos are all organised by date of upload and not date taken :frowning: Now my photos are all marked as taken on the same date, i.e. the date I reinstalled a working version of Nextcloud Android and uploaded over 2,000 pictures from my phone!
That aside, I am now reluctant to try updating the app again until we get positive confirmation that this “issue” has been identified and fixed.
My phone is a Sony Experia H3113 running eFoundation O.S.

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