Unreadable black text in dark theme (files app)

Hello, I have a weird issue with the contrast in the files app, when dark mode(from accessibility settings) is enabled:

Nextcloud version: 17
Operating system and version: debian buster
Apache or nginx version: nginx/1.17.5
PHP version: 7.3
I have the theming app disabled.
The color of the black text is exactly the same as with the default design (slightly different black values)

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Enable dark theme in accessibility settings
  2. Log out and in again
  3. It looks like my screenshot

This happens always after logging in and looks normal after pressing ctrl+shift+r (reload clearing cache). It also does not happen, when enabling “disable cache” in the developer console. I tested chrome and firefox and a private window, to ensure no data was left in the cache.

Because of this I think it is related to some theme files getting cached before logging in, that change to the new color after forcing a reload. I couldn’t pin it down though, because the color is set inline in the elements.

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