Unmuting muted user in BBB, started from NC

I need the function: moderator can unmute mutet users.
I have set allowModstoMute to true in the bigbluebutton.properties file. It works when I open bbb from Greenlight.
When I open bbb from Nextcloud, it doesn’t work: I can not switch users back to unmute after mute.
Where can I set this so that it also works from NC?
Who knows?

We are currently not sending the allowModsToUnmuteUsers parameter, so BBB is using the default value which is false.

For me personally this feature is a privacy nightmare, but there are maybe use cases… In any case to add this feature, we need to extend the room configuration dialog and imo display a warning message on the join page. Please open a feature request at GitHub - sualko/cloud_bbb: @bigbluebutton integration for @nextcloud and check also the sponsor section if you like to see this feature in the next release.

Thanks for the quick response!
I don’t quite see the nightmare and would appreciate a hint as to what triggers it.
I need the function for music schools: Imagine 10 lively children whom you want to teach to play the electric guitar. Then you have to be able to mute the children and unmute them individually.
But: Since I have enabled it for BBB in direct access, those who really urgently need this function could well take the direct route, not via NC.
I think that is acceptable.
And - we avoid your nightmare!!!
Thank you very much!

Probably some people think it is bad if mod can unmute participants…maybe participant does not notice that s/he is unmuted, and talks about private things…

That’s right. You don’t expect that you can get unmuted and there is no warning from bbb that you are on air.