Unknown hashing algorithm: sha1


I just migrated to nextcloud from owncloud 9 and everything is working as expected. Well not /everything/, almost everything. I have a strange error filling up my php_errors.log:

[20-Jun-2016 07:59:09 UTC] {"reqId":"V2br338AAAEAACx3r4IAAABE","remoteAddr":"nice.ip.addr","app":"PHP","message":"hash_hmac(): Unknown hashing algorithm: sha1 at \/var\/www\/docroot`\/htdocs\/3rdparty\/phpseclib\/phpseclib\/phpseclib\/Crypt\/Hash.php#308","level":3,"time":"2016-06-20T07:59:09+00:00","method":"GET","url":"\/","user":"--"}

I had to disable logging for now. Someone has an idea what is causing this?

best regards

Never mind. I had to add a USEFLAG. It’s a gentoo system and the “mhash” USEFLAG was missing.

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