Unknown domains tried accessing my IP

This morning I encountered my NCP in maintenance mode for way too long, so I manually deactivated it via SSH in the config.php which worked fine.

Then I logged in as admin and checked the logs.

There are at least 50 different warnings from the last 24 hrs saying something like:

Trusted domain error. “” tried to access using “MY IP ADDRESS” as host.

All the IPs trying to access where different.

I am a total noob, but it smelled to me like someone was trying to access my NCP and it shut itself down into maintenance mode, so to stop people from trying.

What can I do to further investigate this issue? Am I still on the safe side not having NCP run in maintenance mode anymore?

take a look at this post, majority is in english - use online translator if required for the rest…


Welcome to the internet. People all over the world will try to access your system if they can.

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Thanks for the answers. I will probably have to have a look at 2FAuth, although I wanted to avoid that. I hate being dependent by devices…

We’re fast approaching a state where 2FA is basically necessary if you want to avoid account breaches.