Unix user backend

is a unix user backend in planning? (built-in or extension, I don’t care :slight_smile: ) -> so local unix users can login withoud creating an account
(didn’t upgraded to nextloud yet)

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There is an app from a 3rd-party developer: http://apps.owncloud.com/content/show.php/Unix+user+backend?content=148406

It is only compatible up to ownCloud 8.2. Some users are reporting compatibility to ownCloud 9.0 in the comments. Apps with ownCloud 9.0 compatibility are also compatible to Nextcloud 9 :wink:

You may give it a try and i am looking forward to your report :sunny:

:warning: Please keep in mind, that this is not official supported! …and: It seems that the development has stopped (or paused) and there may be no versions for this and the coming Nextcloud releases.

Hi Marius, thx for your reply…
I’m using this extension for my owncloud 9 installation - just wasn’t aware that I can use it with nextcloud…

will switch to nextcloud next week and report my progress… :smile:

sry for my late reply…
switched to nextcloud several weeks ago, upgraded to nextcloud 10.0 yesterday and the unix backend still perform well :slight_smile:

@MariusBluem I have reinstall my whole Nextcloud with on my old OMV 3.0 (not really important) and have now try t0 use the App “Unix User Backend” it show me all users between UID 1000 and 1010 , but i cant login with my Systempasswort from my user blackcrack, what’s there wrong ?

best regards

a short reply would it nice :slight_smile:

Hi Blacky,

it seems that we are now talking about another app. The unix user backend-app we talked about in this thread was abandoned (as the whole apps.owncloud.com-platform).

There is an app called user_pwauth in the Nextcloud app store (https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/user_pwauth) you seem to be using.

Unfortunately it is not possible for me to give support for this application, because it was not developed by me and I have no personal experience with it.

You can find the repository of the community app here: https://framagit.org/veretcle/user_pwauth
Maybe the developer can help you with fixing the issues you are experiencing (open an issue).


P.S.: If you are running this user backend and Nextcloud instance as critical business infrastructure, you might want to consider a Nextcloud Enterprise Subscription with direct support, SLAs and individual consulting from the Nextcloud engineers.