Universal Media Server as a video player

Maybe a good idea for video player, if someone can do that.
I use it alongside with Nextcloud it works fine but doesn’t have the sharing options.
Good thing about Universal Media Server is that it can play any video (even if you have external subs) in the browser.

Bad thing is it requires a lot of CPU to render the video real time.

Could be cool to have something like that in NC

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Sounds cool, although I must admit I haven’t heard of it before. I would love to see more media integration in Nextcloud, though.

Yea, it’s one of the few transcoding servers, there are others but they are UPnP/DLNA oriented and require an app and you can’t play media in the browser.

I hope this is going to get picked up again. As you can see the history behind it is big, but there was never enough demand.


I mean, why transcoding? Theoretically you can create “previews” oriented for different devices and bandwidth. You can work around the subtitles and just overlay them. This all sounds OK, but when you accumulate a library of videos, they will start eating up space.

Computers now are fast enough to do on-the-fly transcoding of 1080p videos no problem. So you can “feed” it any file you want and it will “spit” out the format that is demanded.