Univention NextCloud Appliance (config.php)


i have a univention Nextcloud Appliance and i can’t find the config.php

where is this file?

in this location /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/nextcloud/conf/config don’t have any file.

i’m not sure of doubleposting your problem would help.

i mean there were serveral possibilities given where you could look for the needed config.php.

another option would be if you’d put your question over at the forum of UCS since it seems to be the correct place to ask such a thing.

and if you would be nice it would be of great help here for THIS forum if you’d post a link to the solving answer here, in the end.

thanks and happy hacking

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I always use locate to find files in Linux (Debian10):

sudo apt install mlocate
sudo updatedb
sudo locate config.php

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good catch up here!! but afaik nc runs dockerized over there at UCS… so i’m not sure that you should edit your config.php directly.
is it safe doing so?

See your point @JimmyKater
I am not recommending anything tho, just showing how one can find any file. Whether using docker or not, various versions of the file might be found and listed.

Slightly, but not entirely, off-topic, I could not find a NC guide, how to ask questions here!

UCS has a good one
NCP also has one

thats a great point and i’m gonna mention that to the moderators.

Thanks, this is the solution

No need, found them https://help.nextcloud.com/guidelines

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