Uninstall the Complete Docker?

Hey Guys,
I tried to install Nextcloud with the Docker and decide to install it manually.
Now I try to remove the Docker but don’t know how.
I didn’t have created a container or something else, I only do the first 3 steps.
Can someone tell me how to remove the Docker command and everything created? I run the command as root What was probably my first mistake.

What 3 steps? Docker can be installed a few different ways.

If you never set up containers, then you really just have the engine. It shouldn’t hurt anything to leave it if you want.

I use the steps from github (without the ipv6 step)

Sorry at my phone I can’t quote :confused: @KarlF12

Here are the steps how to clean it up again: https://github.com/nextcloud/all-in-one#how-to-properly-reset-the-instance

Thx, I try it and give a feedback :slight_smile:

The docker is still there :confused: any ideas?