Unhash updater secret

So I run in the updater-problem where you have to “login you need to provide the unhashed value of “updater.secret” in your config file.”
I can find my config file and find that secret, but when I go to websites to “unhash” it, I get the message it’s no correct secret.
In the past I tried reaching the terminal (my nextcloud is on my webhosting space), but never found guidelines on how to use that. I also asked about it on the forum, but no reaction to that question either. So using the terminal to find the unhashed secret, is not possible.
Any clues?

The basic idea of a hash function is that you can’t invert it easily. Depending on the hash and energy and resources, you might want to find a collision that solves your hash (two different inputs can give the same hash output).

What you want to do is to reset the updater secret to something you know. There is a code snippet that you can use to create a new one:

It gives you the updater secret and the hash-value to put into the config file.

Other way, just use the updater on the command line (same linked discussion, just the post before).