Unexpected token f in JSON

I’m migrating from Owncloud to Nextcloud and have a problem exporting my passwords. I only get ~50 of my ~150 passwords in the csv file.

I suspect it has something to do with an error I get when I log in:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token f in JSON at position 42 (row 67):
{“website” : “[USERNAME]”, “pass” : “false”, false, “deleted” : “”, “id” : “0”, “user_id” : “[USERNANE]”}

I get that message twice with 3 differences, the position changes to 41, row to 49 and the [USERNAME] changes to another one of my users.

Any idea how to migrate without manually copying passwords?

It looks like the JSON crated by the app is invalid: The single , false, in the middle is not valid JSON object field.

Unfortunately the Passwords app for OwnCloud is no longer developed and the developer has vanished. There is a new Passwords app for Nextcloud which can import the data from the OwnCloud app. To do so, follow the Legacy Migration Guide.

After you did that, you can either just use the new app or use the integrated (and working) export to switch to any password manager you want.