Undo VM Beta Channel Update?

The awesome nextcloud VM offers a script to update to a beta version: sudo bash /var/scripts/update.sh beta

My question is: If i use this script to update to a beta version, can I then downgrade back to a stable version? If not, will I have issues if I try to run the normal update script (sudo bash /var/scripts/update.sh) after I’ve already ran the beta script?

I think I found my answer here:

NOTE that you can only upgrade to a newer version. Skipping major versions when upgrading and downgrading to older versions is not supported by Nextcloud. If you went via ‘beta’ to 14.0.0rc4 and stable is on 13.0.5, you have to wait until 14.0.0 or later is in stable until a new update will become available.

@enoch85 If the VM handles updates differently, could you let us know?

No the VM follows Nextcloud best practice.

Also, if you want to get out of beta you have to update to the next stable release, just as usual.