Understanding FullTextSearch Errors

Title says it. I’m looking for a way to understand and resolve FTS errors.

To give you an example of random, nondescript, unclear errors I’d like to understand and address (if possible):

┌─ Errors ────
│ Error:      2/2
│ Index: files:3048655
│ Exception: Elastic\Elasticsearch\Exception\ClientResponseException
│ Message: unknown error

Generic “unknown error”

occ fulltextsearch:document:status -u USERNAME files 3048655

current status: INDEX (document will be indexed)
occ fulltextsearch:document:provider -- USERNAME files 3048655

    "id": "3048655",
    "providerId": "files",
    "access": {
        "ownerId": "USERNAME",
        "viewerId": "",
        "users": [],
        "groups": [],
        "circles": [],
        "links": []
    "modifiedTime": 1600738797,
    "title": "Downloads\/yEd-3.20.1_with-JRE14_64-bit_setup.sh",
    "link": "http:\/\/localhost\/index.php\/f\/3048655",
    "index": {
        "ownerId": "USERNAME",
        "providerId": "files",
        "collection": "",
        "source": "files_local",
        "documentId": "3048655",
        "lastIndex": 0,
        "errors": [],
        "errorCount": 0,
        "status": 28,
        "options": {
            "_files_local": "1"
    "source": "files_local",
    "info": {
        "share_names": {
            "USERNAME": "Downloads\/yEd-3.20.1_with-JRE14_64-bit_setup.sh"
    "hash": "",
    "contentSize": 174740680,
    "tags": [],
    "metatags": [
    "subtags": [],
    "more": {
        "creationTime": 1711841992,
        "accessedTime": 1713210628
    "excerpts": [],
    "score": ""

Clearly this is an sh file for a linux program.

Other sh files seem to index fine.

I can open this sh file and view the contents just fine.

The sh file also runs as expected.

There is zero indication of what the actual error is.

This is just one file and happens to be a sh file. I’ve encountered the same generic “unknown error” on other files such as xml files which also open properly and have no data corruption issues.

What am I missing here? How can I get further details on these errors and how to resolve them?