Under linux build LDAP, nextcloud access failure

About ldap for nextcloud extension

I am very angry, nextcloud for ldap function, I did a whole 48h, and now the results are: failure!

ldap running in linux platform, I would like access to nextcloud use. The problem I encountered was: nextcloud ldap server is connected properly, you can search for all the “Group” However, I still can not see the user ldap within, of course, within the ldap user can not log in nextcloud…

I would like to ask, ldap official expansion tool in your side before the shelves in the end have not been the actual test? ! Why such a simple tool often fail? ! ! !

I’m going crazy! This is not a joke.

Hey Gary,
I’m running into some LDAP issues myself and I was wondering what your settup looks like. What distro and php modules are you using for your nextcloud install?

I have done well in CentOS6.6 CentOS7.1 above test, PHP version is 5.4, and has been installed php-ldap extension is correct.

Test results centos6.6 above: ldap connection is working, users and groups can be searched, but “landed property” Authentication failed, so I can not use normal ldap user login nextcloud.

Test results centos7.1 above: ldap connection is normal, normal group to search, but the “user” search result is zero, and “landed property”, as the verification fails, so the user can not use ldap normal landing nextcloud.

I now know what to do…

nextcloud version = 10.0