Undefined variable $result at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/user_saml/lib/GroupBackend.php#219"

SSO & SAML version:

The version of Nexcloud is : 28.0.4 .
I am encountering an issue with our Nextcloud. Attached is a screenshot of the error message, and the details are included in the ticket titles. The problem affects only some users, not all.

more logs:

  • InvalidTokenException Token does not exist: token does not exist
    Renewing session token failed: Token does not exist: token does not exist .

-IDP parameter for the UID not found. Possible parameters are:

-Exception Call to a member function addUser() on null in file ‘/var/www/nextcloud/apps/user_saml/lib/GroupManager.php’ line 193

Thank you!!

Reporting to the respective app repository was the right way to go:

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