Uncomplete community documentation

There’s a surprise. :grin:

Fortunately, it can be done without Nextcloud’s documentation or assistance.

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The problem is that the documentation already exists, but only for huge “Enterprise” customers. If your are a SMB, you are SOL, no offering for you that is affordable. Not everybody runs a huge enterprise out there, most are small and medium businesses. I already put forward some examples of FLOSS companies that have offerings for these types of businesses, Nextcloud isn’t one of them sadly.

Still people could work it out and share the information. I think Jos said in some of his post lately that they are thinking how to improve the support options for smaller companies and hopefully they will come up with something suitable for you.

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The trouble is, I think that would be a waste of time. They’ve paywalled parts of their documentation for Enterprise users, and I’m not feeling a great deal of trust in that regard. There are already guides out there on Keycloak integration, where they can’t be interfered with.


Just to be clear, again I didn’t start this thread about incomplete documentation. I was suggesting, on topic in the other thread, that combining 2FA with SSO can make it less onerous for users, and improve acceptance. Someone else told me that was considered an Enterprise feature, and the documentation had been removed from the community.

I was just explaining why I don’t see the point in creating new documentation detailing how to do it, if that’s their intention. Quite likely it would end up removed. I had no intention of making a thread about it.