Unbound AdGuardHome DNS-Rebind protection

Hey, not really an NC issue but I think several people faced this issue in the past and also will dace in the future.

I have installed AdGuardHome and Unbound. Now I can open the public NC address from external network, but from internal network only from teh server itself, not from another machine in teh internal network. The same machines are opening external addresses, DNS is resolving as it should and DNS shows no leaks etc.

The rounting is: PC- router gateway - AdGuardHome server- Unbound - DynDNS server - routers public IP - Nginx - NC

Nextcloud version : 22.2.0
Operating system and version : Debian 11
Apache or nginx version : Nginx 11.21.3
PHP version : 7.4

The issue you are facing:

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? : Yes

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Install Nextcloud
  2. Install AdGuardHome and Unbound
  3. Try to open Nextcloud from a machine is not running NC in the local network

Sorry i do not use AdGuard.
But i think in the settings you must set Hairpinng / NAT Loopback or other LAN settings.

I saved all possible domains and IPs in the DNS-Rebind protection in my router, restarted the rooter, no reaction.

OK, solved. Just had to left https:// domains in the router, resatrt the router and reconnect.
To be more precise- I had to fill in only https:// address of my dyndns server that is outside


Unfortunately after some time I faced the same issue. Whatever I do, nothing helpt. I added already so many IPs and domains to the list of whitelisted domains in my rounter…

I hope somebody can share the right settings.

OK, I added DNS forwarding in the AdGuardHome to the servers IP address and it works. Don’t know if this is the best solution but it works.

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