Unblock a blocked IP

Good evening, I can’t access nextcloud. I think my IP address is blocked. If I log in with VPN (ip:, the site opens, if I turn off VPN (ip:, I can’t connect to the site. How do I unlock it? I deleted all entries in the “oc_bruteforce_attempts” table from Mysql, I also tried using the command ‘php /home/Sarvar/web/cloud.yosh-fizik.uz/public_html/occ security:bruteforce:reset’, but to no avail, still I can’t connect to the site on my IP address.

Version: 26.0.6

Is fail2ban installed?

fail2ban-client status

and if yes, is your IP banned?

fail2ban-client banned

if yes, unban

fail2ban-client unban <ip>
# or
fail2ban-client unban --all

(maybe you need sudo)

Much luck,

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Hi, I tried it but my IP is not in this list, I also tried ‘fail2ban-client unban ’ (as root) but it didn’t work :frowning:

You should append --all:

fail2ban-client unban --all

Much luck,

Tried that too but it didn’t help either

The first IP is from a (VPN) Server in the netherlands, the second IP is from “Uzbektelekom”.
Is that your IP-address and is your cloudserver at your home behind the same IP?

Just guessing.


No, nextcloud is on a Russian server (on a server from the provider ‘SmartApe’)

But you can ssh your server!

Do you connect per IP-address or per hostname?

Does your provider have some special blocking features?


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Yes I can connect with ssh

Using an IP address (without VPN)

I have no information about this.
But I can connect to other sites on this server, even access the control panel (hestia). I can access Nextcloud from another device (for example, a phone or another computer) without VPN. But I can’t connect to nextcloud at all from my computer (only via VPN)