Unban from https://scan.nextcloud.com?


I used nagios plugin check_nextcloud to check security of my instance via https://scan.nextcloud.com. This stopped working shortly after and I figured out this is because of too many requests. In a browser, I now get " Scan failed! The scan for the specified domain failed. Either no Nextcloud or ownCloud can be found there or you tried to scan too many servers."

Question #1: Is my IP banned? For how long does scan.nextcloud.com ban? Do I just need to wait while (how long?) or do I need to actively request unban?

Question #2: What is the max frequency I should use for scan.nextcloud.com? Previously I used the nagios defaults which is in the minutes range I guess … am I safe if I check once a day?

That’s a joke right?

cc @blizzz

The result is cached anyway. It will stay the same even if you call it every 10 seconds. Don’t crawl that page in a automated way.


We allow 120 requests in a day.

Great, thank you!
(will set the check time to once a day)