Unabled to import COMPLETED tasks

I’m in the process of migrating from OC 8.2.2 to a freshly installed NC 11.0.2 on another machine. Both have the “Tasks” app installed.

To migrate my task lists (which show up as calendars in OC), I downloaded them as .ics files.
I am able to import them into NC calendars, but all completed task are missing after the import, which does not fit my archival needs.

If I manually modify each line containing something like


into, say


all VTODO records get imported, but the completion state is lost.

Is there anything I can do to include completed tasks on import via .ics?


This procedure worked best for me:

  1. Export tasks lists into .ics files using OC
  2. Create tasks list in NC
  3. Integrate NC calendars/task lists into KOrganizer (KDE) via CalDAV
  4. Import .ics files into corresponding calendars/task lists using KOrganizer
  5. Let KOrganizer sync items into NC.

Export/Import via KOrganizer also is superior to the NC web GUI for contacts, as picture data is left intact.