Unable to use webdav mount on windows 2012 r2

Hello everybody,

I have a problem to get a network drive on my windows server 2012 r2 of one folder of my nc 13.0 instance.

Following system environment:

  • NC 13.0 running on a server of my webhoster
  • My client has Windows 10 x64 bit in my network.
  • My server is a Windows Server 2012 R2 in my network.

I want to install the network drive on my server, because I want to backup my files to the NC-Server on the side of my webhoster.

If I go the steps through (of the tutorial: “Accessing files using Microsoft Windows”, I will get the following error message (like from [karthikjoe]) - Unable to use webdav mount on windows 8.1

Unforunately it doesn’t help, because my NC-Instance is not on a google server. By the way: I can install the network drive on my windows client, if I go the steps of the tutorial through. Both ways (CMD and over the “GUI”) won’t work.

Have someone an idea?

Thanks and kind regards,

Now I tested it again on the server and on my win 10 client. On both machines won’t function the network drive with the same error screen. I created new folders, but this won’t work too. Has anyone an idea?

Does your nc server use https with valid certificate ?

Yes, it does. I only allow connections over https.

With Cyberdruck it’s ok. But I don’t want install a 3rd party software for a function, which it should works normally with windows and nextcloud fine :confused:

Also i need the normal function for my backup program, because I don’t think, that will work fine with cyberduck.

i have read somewhere throughout the forum that redmond sucked from win 7 on upwards of installing the webdav-standard correctly.

referring to win 7 i can state that webdav mount on windows only works very limited. maybe it got worse with later versions?

did you try with this \\yournextcloud@SSL\DavWWWRoot\remote.php\dav\files\username

It works for me for windows 7 to 10 and server 2012, but be aware that it sucks, it’s slow and don’t work with Microsoft Office files.
You have to use mountainduck (not free) i didn’t found a good one free.

It should be good if it’s just for backup

i myself did it with exactly this link… and sure enough i can connect. but if a file is bigger than - say - 5mb it gives me a strange error.

I have to test that

Thx for the tip. I test this with my data and now it’s work! It’s like you said, that the Upload (my Upload is 6 Mbit/s) is very slowly.

So I have an another question. Is it possible to backup my files via FTP and let them show in Nextcloud? Can I link one folder in Nextcloud to a folder from the FTP? I would think, that the FTP upload would be much faster.

Hi, me again xD

I can now transfer my backup-files as a zip per ftp in one folder of nc (domain/data/files_external/FTP_Backup). With my FTP-Program and with my web-portal (FTP) I see this .zip-file. If I go over Nextcloud (web browser or webdav), so I don’t see this .zip-file.

I read something over a cronjob, so that nc should know, that there is a .zip-file. Unfortunately I don’t know how to make a cronjob (if this is correct for this situation) over the nc-gui (or must this done over ssh?). Also I don’t know which command is the right one.

So my (hopefully) last questions:

  • Should I do this cronjob, so how can I make this + which command is the right one?
  • If there exists other possibilites, so I would be glad, if someone could write this way down.

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

i tried it with win 10 (64/pro)- and it works better than win 7 (64/pro)