Unable to upload bigger then 8MB file in Minio S3 storage

i have configured S3 minio and connected to nextcloud as default storage, when I upload file in s3 bucket I face no issue, but when I try to upload same longer then 8MB file from nextcloud dashboard, it doesn’t show any error, but not get uploaded , less then 8MB file upload without any issue,

What do you mean, specifically, by it doesn’t show an error? Surely you’re seeing something or you would not know it was not working.

You provided very little information to go on nor what steps you’ve already taken to try to rule our issues.

I suspect you’re speaking only of “no error” from the web interface. Please check your nextcloud.log - it will have information about the upload I am certain.

Please post the following:


Thanks for your response,
i have set no chunks by Adjust chunk size on Nextcloud side,
And that resolved issue, now the file is not divided in chunks, but uploaded successfully.

Okay, but chunking works with S3 based storage. :slight_smile:

MinIO is used for testing the code base so it certainly does work. There will be a useful error indicator in your nextcloud.log if you decide you need chunking at some point. I’m assuming you’re running the latest patch level in either NC25 or NC26.

Anyhow, glad you got your upload working!

How did you adjust this parameter of “chunk size”? We’re having the same issue with Nextcloud AIO 7, and having a really difficult time finding where to adjust this value the correct way.

…well at least, in the last week we have learned ~14 different ways how not to adjust it! :laughing:

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: