Unable to Upgrade AppImage Sync Client on Ubuntu 20.04 Due Kdewallet Creation Error

I am on Ubuntu 20.04. In my gnome-desktop, I received a notification that I should update my Nextcloud Client from 3.5.1 to version 3.5.2. Therefore I,

1.) Followed the link and download the 3.5.2. version of NC Client (AppImage)
2.) Exited / quit the 3.5.1 version if NC Client that was running
3.) I made 3.5.2 version of NC client executable (chmod +x) then ran the app, at which point I am greeted with the following window:


If I click “Next”, I get:

After some reading , I check “Passwords and Keys” and confirmed

Is in fact empty, unfortunately I have not found any straightforward instructions on how to configure GPG KDE Wallet for Nextcloud.

Is this a bug in the client? If not, can someone provide clear instructions for getting GPG/NC client working? Or, should I just run with the Classic, blowfish encrypted file?