Unable to update from 9.0.51?

i migrated to NextCloud from OwnClound 9 some time ago, and i found myself with NextCloud 9.0.51.
Now, i periodically check on the admin page to see if there are updates available and i never see anything (selected channel is “stable”) and it always says “up to date”. But i see Next Cloud 9.0.53 is out, so why does it not show as a possible update?

I do not wish to install from scratch… is the update tool broken? Or am i missing something?

the delivered update tool is broken. you can update manually or try the the upgrade script

I am trying to run your updater script, which seems cool and nice…

I have selected “stable”, and it offers to update from 9.0.51 to 9.0.52. I open the upgrade page and start it… and it stops almost immediately with:

Check for expected files The following extra files have been found: assets

and it stops…

I managed to make it work. I had to remove an “assets” symlink to an external folder i created some time ago to move some non-static data out of the OwnCloud folder.

Do anybody knows if the “assets” folder is still used today?

No, probably not. The code checker exactly wants to avoid the situation that there are too many or the wrong files (from old versions).