Unable to switch to Nextcloud for taking meeting notes - Opinions appreciated!

Hi, here is how we hold meetingsā€¦

I have not been able to re-create this workflow in Nextcloud, but have not yet experimented with most of the office apps such as Collabora. Participants would need to be able to collaborate on documents without user accounts on my Nextcloud instance.

  1. Open Evernote and create a new note in a shared folder.
  2. Start recording audio of meeting into Evernote.
  3. Add todo tasks to the note as needed.
  4. Take handwritten notes, then photograph them into note for OCR / full text search.
  5. Images are cropped and annotated within Evernote as needed to provide additional context and OCR.
  6. Any group files needed are created in a shared Google Drive folder, and public links of the files are shared/embedded into Evernote (and available from full text search in Evernote).
  7. Public link to the overall note is emailed to the group, which is accessible to any user, no Evernote account needed.
  8. Calendar date is set for the next meeting (backend is Nextcloud Calendar), evernote url, map directions to the next meeting, individuals are emailed invitations/reminders + any additional text notes or files are additionally attached to the event via google calendar and drive.
  9. Any previous notes in Evernote can be shared and internally linked for easy reference, if requested by the group or relevant.

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