Unable to setup new AIO instance (newbie)

Hi all, I’m a new user to Nextcloud and I’m trying to configure the AIO setup on my RaspberryPi but I’m having issues in setting up the “New AIO instance”.

  1. I’ve followed the steps on DuckDNS’s install guide to get it setup on my OpenWRT router.
  2. I’ve opened the recommended ports on this guide on the router for Nextcloud (TCP 443, TCP/UDP 3478) and even Docker’s (TCP 2375), and had them forwarded to my Pi.
  3. Upon submitting my duckdns domain on the “New AIO instance” step, I get the following error: The server is not reachable on Port 443. You can verify this e.g. with 'https://portchecker.co/' by entering your domain there as ip-address and port 443 as port.

Am I missing something or any steps? I somewhat know my way around networking but I’m no expert so please take it from the start if you are able to help :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance


better check openwrt
Is your port not conflicting with the 443 of your router?
Is 443 reachable without the config?

Putt your raspi into DMZ. —> Just for testing !!! :warning: