Unable to log in with Nextcloud apps (Windows + Android)


I am currently unable to get the nextcloud app working on my mobile device.
I had a few issues getting it to work on my computer but have managed to get this working.
I believe the issues I am having are the way in which the apps are developed.

On the windows side, I have my nextcloud folder and I set the root of my www to be in side of the nextcloud folder rather than domain.com/nextcloud. By doing this, the windows app did not like the URL path.

However, I can not get this working on my android device as it says credentials are invalid when they are 100% correct.

Having looked online, this is affecting a lot of other people with no real resolution.

Currently running Ubuntu Linux 16.04.2 and Nextcloud is installed on Webmin / Virtualmin

Other than the above it works perfectly.

Has anyone got any suggestions