Unable to log in to my NC online, lost password?

Nextcloud version 12.0.3:

OS Windows 10 (that is, the computer I am accesing it from)

It’s hosted at netvirtue http://landyvlad.net/nextcloud/index.php

Apache or nginx version: I have absolutely no idea?! How do I find out? (It’s via cpanel in case that matters)

PHP version 7.0

I haven;t tried to log into my nextcloud install for some time, but I did today and it’s not logging in - presumably the wrong password.

I tried ‘forgot password’ and it said I need to contact system admin (that’d be me… as I have in installed with my web site on a paid hosting service)

Obviously I can’t help me :blush: .

Any suggestions as to how to proceed?


Update - somehow my host requested a password reset on my behalf. I got an email which took me to a page simply with a box to type a new password, and a ‘reset password’ button.

When type a new password and then click the ‘reset password’ button… precisely NOTHING happens.
As if it isn’t recognizing the clicking of the button.

So… help still needed :slight_smile:

Update 2:
Host somehow managed to reset and has sent me a username and password.

It said “logging in” , shows a spinning circle to indicate something is happening. but then stays on that same page - boxes remain filled in with the ****'s as if Id just typed it but not pressed log in. Weird.
No error massage or anything.