Unable to integrate OpenProject server

I am not able to connect my OpenProject server with the OpenProject integration. On the settings page I enter my OpenProject host url, but I get an error of “Please introduce a valid OpenProject host name”, with a popup error of “No OpenProject detected at the URL”. I know the url is valid as I can browse directly to it and log into my OpenProject system. Both servers are https. Anyone know what may be causing this? What is the integration app looking for in the url that I don’t have?

you must install app OpenProject Integration - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Hey @mmceldowney, did you check out our troubleshooting guide? It has detailed debugging steps and explanations.

In your case:

So you copied the same URL from the OpenProject settings in Nextcloud and tried to reach that URL from the machine on which your Nextcloud is installed? The last bit is important. OpenProject needs to be reachable from your Nextcloud-Server, not from your personal computer. So you need to think of it more from a network perspective: What could cause your Nextcloud-Server to not have access to your OpenProject-Server? DNS? Firewalls? Proxies? TLS/SSL?

Let us know if the linked troubleshooting guide is missing relevant information.

Wieland (OpenProject team)

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