Unable to import .ics files into Calendar

I am running NC 20.0.6 on Linux. I attempted to import at least two .ics files into my calendar, but they fail with this error message: “Import partially failed. Imported 0 out of 1.”.

In this case the files most likely contain syntax errors. I would recommend to use iCal Validator to check the file syntax. You can also split the files into multiple parts and import it one-by-one to narrow down the root cause of the problem.

I copy/pasted the text inside the file onto the site, and it returned:
Success! No errors found.

Ok, then try to split the ics files into several parts and try to import it one-by-one. I have in mind that some programs e.g. generating recurring events where the end date is before the start date which so that Nextcloud denies to import it.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand/follow. Aren’t .ics files expected to have certain elements, etc., and if I break up the file, wouldn’t that be an invalid format? Would you be able to provide an example of this?

The file format is text based so that it easy to fix it if necessary, see e.g.

Better than (or as a second step) is to use the iCalendar / jCal Validator as this validator uses the same library as NC I believe.

Another reason for getting “Import partially failed" is if the event already exist in the calendar. Importing the same event twice will result in exact this result the second time. Unfortunately I think this error message is misleading. I also think that the expected behavior would be to update the event.

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