Unable to grant full admin privileges to a new user


I have two users, “admin” and “user123”. “admin” was created during initial nextcloud server set up. “user123” was created after. I added “user123” to ADMIN group, and I want that user to have FULL admin privileges.

However, as “user123” I cannot disable “admin” user because the three dotted icon doesn not appear.

I’m running NextCloud 17.0.1.

See image.

How do I solve this issue?


Sounds a little bit like a variant issue to this problem

Not sure what it is - but it seems as if since NC 17.x there is something terribly wrong with the user roles and privileges for later added users getting admin rights like “Admin” or “Groupadmin” or anything more than usual user-rights.

Should be definitely examined by the NC developers.

There are security concerns, so this issue is quite critical.

Username “admin”, is common, and opens doors to cyberattacks. I understand that password, https and 2FA authentication provide extra layer, and I am using all of those. However, I would rather eliminate as many cyberattack venues as possible.

Had I known during Nexcloud installation, that I cannot change username after its creation, I would have opted for a more unique username in lieu of “admin”. Instead, I chose to create a new user account with more unique name and admin privileges in hopes that I can “deactivate” admin account.

If someone highjacks my “admin” account, there is no way for my to “disable” that account from another account (with admin privileges), and I would need to reinstall Nextcloud!