Unable to get Nextcloud setup through Docker, so that I can use Nginx Proxy Manager, on Rocky Linux

I’ve been trying for a couple weeks to get a “nice” professional, secure setup of nextcloud. Part of that meant to me, switching from Ubuntu to Rocky Linux. Originally I had Nextcloud running using Apache and MariaDB, but it had problems, and didn’t look clean. What I’m trying to accomplish now, is having tv.myDomain.com be used for plex, and cloud.myDomain.com be used for Nextcloud. In searching for help, I stumbled on Nginx Proxy Manager(NPM), and have SSL certs through both NameCheap, and LetsEncrypt, I’d love the SSL from namecheap to be used as I paid $10 for it, but I couldn’t figure out how to set that up in the NPM gui.

The Problem: I’ve been trying to setup Nextcloud using various guides, and I’ve been frankensteining these articles because not one has everything I need and I’ve slowly been learning docker with this project. I don’t need too special of a config, the main thing I need different from the average article, is that I need storage mounted at the host’s /newRaid/Nextcloud(this is a raid location with plenty of space vs. the host’s 32GB flash drive storage running the OS).

Right now, tv.myDomain.com and internalIP:32400 work. Neither cloud.myDomain.com or internalIP:8443 work for nextcloud though. Further, I’m not sure what info to give you, I’ve linked a gist below, that will be updated as troubleshooting is done. It will reflect output of NPM’s and Nextcloud’s docker-compose.yaml files, and then output from docker ps -a, docker network ls, and docker volume ls. I’ll also list the docker logs of nextcloud which are complete gibberish to me.