Unable to get Nextcloud office working

When attempting to open a document I get the response “failed to load nextcloud office”. Document previews are also not being generated.

When I attempt to save the configuration in Nextcloud to “Use your own [nextcloud office] server” I get a green check with “Collabora Online server is reachable.”

From the CODE server log I see the requests from nextcloud to “/hosting/discovery” and “/hosting/capabilities”. The external address for the CODE server is https://nco.groesz.org. I would prefer not to have the CODE server externally accessible if it can be avoided, but for now it’s easier to troubleshoot using my nginx proxy logs versus trying to view the pfSense logs related to internal network communications.

My experience when trying to install CODE through the apps manager in nextcloud ends with similar results, except I can at least seem to get document previews generated. However, I am still unable to view any documents through nextcloud (using the Nextcloud welcome document to test)

I have tried every way I could think of to get this to work

  • CODE server app
  • external URL
  • internal URL

When setting up nextcloud to access the CODE server I can see in the logs where nextcloud is querying the CODE server. When opening a document, I don’t see any indication where nextcloud is attempting to communicate with the CODE server. I would guess it might be because even when using an external URL, the capabilities response uses the internal network name of the VM in the response. That’s because the nextcloud/CODE server VM only sees WAN traffic from the NGinx proxy. When I tried to use “localhost” or similar in the nextcloud URL, I am still able to get a green checkmark but the final result is still the same.

Here’s the infrastructure:

VM host (proxmox):

pfSense firewall router

  • Routes ALL traffic between the VMs
  • Routes SELECT WAN traffic to the reverse proxy (based on IP and port)

Reverse proxy (nginx)

  • handles all HTTP and HTTPS traffic as forwarded from pfSense

CLEAN Ubuntu 20.04 server VM

Here’s a link to the nextcloud system report:

and the password: