Unable to find config.php

Hey everyone. I’m new to nextcloud and I’m struggling to add a domain. When visiting the site it says that it’s an unsupported domain and I need to change it in config/config.php, but I can’t find the file in filezilla anywhere. Can someone tell me where I can find it? Thanks.

I installed through a snap

here find you.
cd /var/snap/nextcloud/12753/nextcloud/config

cu juergen

sorry the answer from Bernie_O is of course correct

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There’s nothing in that folder :frowning:

You should find config.php of nextcloud-snap here:



Sorry to resurrect an old thread…but I am having the same issue and there is no /var folder.

Can anyone tell me how to find the config.php file?

If you have a linux installation there should always be a /var folder on the top level. you can get there e.g. from the command line calling cd /var
if you want to edit the file use

sudo nano /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config/config.php

instead of nano on ubuntu you can also use gedit

Thanks for the reply.

In the snap directory, there is no nextcloud folder.

You can search it recursivly:

find /path/to -name "config.php"
find / -name "config.php" (full linux system)
(perhaps you must wait a few minutes and find some other files)

Did this:
find /path/to -name “config.php”

Got this
find: ‘/path/to’: No such file or directory

Your path:

Test with:
find /var -name "config.php"

man find

Learn something about linux or use nextcloud hoster.
You can host a lot of GB for a few euro or dollar in a month around the world.
And sometimes it is free https://nextcloud.com/signup/

What if linux devs just made things that work?

What if NextCloud just let me add trusted domains in the settings?

There really is no need for all these crazy steps linux makes people jump through.

I appreciate you trying to help me, I really do. I have TB of data I want to host at my house.

I am trying to get away from Windows and Google but for some reason linux people make this process nearly impossible. I’m a business owner, not an IT hobbyist. I can configure all these things with a click or two in Windows or Google, but they spy on me and steal my data.

The only other option is linux - but linux devs have no interest in appealing to non-IT experts.

Yes. But to find a file like “config.php” on the file system is a basic. You can also use a search engine to solve the problem. Search in the internet how to search files in your file system. Also on the command line all commands are similar. And also the help is similar.

man find
find --help

man sudo
sudo --help

Your first linux lession: Find the file config.php ?

to find something on the internet for linux add the word “debian” or “ubuntu” to all search requests. Do you use Debian or Ubuntu? Ok i help you searching.


Read the 2 million answers and you learn something about linux.
linux is not changing. i learned it decades ago and all is the same.

I am on Ubuntu - this is day #3 of trying to find this file.

Every. Single. Page. I find is not working. I can’t seem to make your suggestions work.

I’m about to wash my hands of Linux. I haven’t touched a DOS prompt since Win 95. I feel like you guys are stuck in the stone age.

3 days to find a file?

You guys keep saying how Linux should replace Windows, but can’t even see how impossible you are making it.

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I’ve been all over Google for days now. This is ridiculous. I have tried all the “switch from Windows” distros…it’s a lie.

No. Goot Windows user users also command line and power shell.
Only normal users use the mouse or on ipad the finger.

You learned Windows over years and it was only click and error.
You can not learn linux on command line in three days.

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Here you find a few programms:

ls /usr/bin
ls /usr/sbin
ls /bin
ls /sbin

all programs you can learn with

man <program>
program --help


man id

if then someone worte:
dpkg -l |fgrep php

you can read

man dpkg
dpkg --help
man fgrep
fgrep --help

and if you know the pipe (|) (output to input) all is clear:

You output all packages and then filter for php.
The output shows all packages with “php” in the line.
You can test it.

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Yes but to USE linux I gotta type lines and lines of commands. Pointless!

Nextcloud has been around a lone time - WHY can’t I just add trusted domains in the settings???

Make things far, far more complex than they need to be.

My problem is Snap.
Snap is a package format i do not use.
Perhaps you ask in a new thread changing it for snap. Nobody read this thread to the end.

I don’t want to learn commands - I want to USE linux to run my business and make money.

Do you understand how many things I have to know to run business?

I’ve have been really, really trying to switch for over a year now.

I’m done. The linux culture is so close-minded it is ridiculous (not you, I appreciate your help, just venting about this giant glaring issue that all linux websites and devs ignore).

Thanks for the commands - I have no idea what you are trying to say.

In 2020 it should be as simple as “click this, do that, done.”

Linux will never, EVER, become the OS of choice like it wishes to be until your culture changes.

I think linux on a desktop is no problem.
But nextcloud is not a desktop app, it is in your case a server application with no gui.

If you want to use nextcloud for your business you must learn linux for solving problems e.g. backup and restore. It is ot only the installation. Be happy you have now the problems and not in production months later.
If you do not want that you need nextcloud support.
Or are you hosting your data on your windows file service and active directory also on your own because you must only klick and pray?

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