Unable to download testing/development server package

Hi at all,

I followed the link at Release Channels – Nextcloud to download a beta release of the server (v22). It points to Install – Nextcloud. However, I don’t see any option there to download the tarball.

The link for a stable server package Install – Nextcloud works flawlessly, a popup opens that offers various download options (archive file, web installer, …).

How can I download a recent v22 server package for Nextcloud app development?

Thank you.

I think you are a bit to early: a beta version of Nextcloud 22 is not out yet. You may find the directory index of prereleases on the Nextcloud download server here: Index of /server/prereleases

As soon as Nextcloud 22 Beta1 is out, you should find it there. I don‘t know when this will be though.