Unable to disable profiles

Nextcloud version: 23.0.3
Operating system and version: FreeBSD 13.0
Apache version: 2.4.53
PHP version: 8.0.18

I’m not able to disable user profiles using the GUI or config file. The setting doesn’t exist in Administration → Basic Settings. I added 'profile.enabled' => false to config.php and even restarted Apache, but the profiles continued to load. I’ve disabled them all via the database, but I’m wondering why the setting isn’t in the admin interface or working in the config file.

If you go on the user page, you can disable users.

I don’t want to disable users. I want to disable profiles globally. I’m also more generally curious why the settings are missing / not working.

what do you mean with profiles?

It’s a feature that was added in v23. Users can have a profile page with control over what data is public or private to users of the NC instance.