Unable to delete ncp-snapshots folder since it's a read only file system

The SSD I’m using was used by NCP but as I transitioned to an actual server build, I’m reusing the same SSD. The filesystem on the SSD is still btrfs.

The issue is that I can’t remove the ncp-snapshots folder in my SSD because the folder is apparently a read only file system. I’m able to write to /media/mySSD/* but I can’t do anything in /media/mySSD/ncp-snapshots since it’s a read only file system even though its a folder?

If anyone else needs help deleting it in the future, run the following command to delete the subvolumes inside ncp-snapshot.

btrfs subvolume delete /media/mySSD/ncp-snapshots/manual_[date]_[num]

After ncp-snapshots folder is empty, we can just remove the directory with

rmdir ncp-snapshots
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