Unable to connect with Mac client

Hello. I’ve installed an instance of Nextcloud 17 on my VPS and it works perfectly from my web browser when I go to: https://<nextcloud.mydomain.net>/

But, I can’t connect using the Mac desktop client. I get the error in the image below. Since I can’t get to the client I don’t have any log file to check. Any ideas what I’m missing? Thanks.

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Honestly I didn’t even know there was a desktop client until I saw this thread. Needless to say I downloaded it on MAC and everything worked for me. I had to in the https:// part on the app to get it to connect. What happens if you push add your own server?

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The “Host your own server” link simply goes to installation docs.
offering hosting services.

Did you check your http server logs? In apache these are going to be the access.log. The log file should be specified inside the section.

Sorry, i just saw this now.

  There doesn't seem to be anything in the server log that points

to any problem. I tried the Windows client as well on another
machine and had the same response.

  I installed Nextcloud from Softaculous through cPanel and but I

also did a separate installation on another server instance using
Nextcloud’s installation script - bypassing Softaculous - with the
same results. I can access it just fine from a browser but get
that same error when attempting to connect with the client.