Unable to connect NC after internet providor changed

I am a newbie to nextcloud. I have my nextcloud running on my desktop running lubuntu 18.04 and installed NC 15 (with snap) I believe (can’t remember because I can no longer access it) till the time I changed my internet provider. Now I can’t access it any more. I had the static IP for my server as 192.168.0.XX and the new internet provider IP I want to change will be 192.168.1.XX. More over I want to change from wired connection to wi fi because there are no cables running up to the server any more. Please help.


Well it’s more a networking issue and how to set up your internet router. A few steps that might be possible directly at your router:

  • make sure you give your Nextcloud host always the same IP address
  • enable port forwarding to this ip
  • if you use dynamic dns services, make sure that either your router or your Nextcloud server can update this in case your provider changes your public ip (usually the case)

NC15 is not supported any more, please don’t forget to update to a supported version (NC 18/19). NC 17 runs out of support soon.

@jsingh7 Do you only want to access from the internal network and that does not work or do you want to access from the internet with port forwarding and this does not work?

Can you access from the client in the intranet the server ?
ping 192.168.1.XX.

Can you post something about your port forwarding on the router?