Unable to activate this feature

Hi all,
I just installed nextcloud on my raspberry pi 5, but I can’t seem to get the brute force settings app activated.

If I go through the web GUI it tells me the app can’t be enabled because it makes the server unstable. I went through the forums and tried the various things I found, like using a mobile browser etc. Nothing has worked.

I then tried to enable it using occ commands.
It seems to work, but when I reboot my pi and then log into security settings, the brute force settings are still disabled.

Can anyone help me out?
What is the actual OCC command to enable this setting because everything I have tried seems to be wrong, even though I do not get any error messages when running the commands.


I suspect something else is going on.

Can you check Nextcloud log for clues?

I just installed nextcloud on my raspberry pi 5

Installed using what method? You didn’t fill out the support template.