Unable to Activate NextcloudPi .img on Raspberry Pi 4B 4gb

Log on to NextcloudPi Activation screen - but cannot proceed beyond this screen by pressing Activate!

Dear All,

I have done a fresh install of NextcloudPi image on Raspberry Pi 4.

Through web browser, I can see the password for NextcloudPi user and Nextcloud user. However, the activate button does not move on to the next screen / does not work.

On the monitor connected to the Raspberry Pi 4B, I see that MariaDB and PHP7.3 have started etc…. Daily apt upload/download activities start and stop etc.

Help!? Why can’t I continue to set up the installation?

(I am using a mac (Big Sur), and used different browsers and I have gone past the certificate issue etc…)

Thanks in anticipation for help.


Is your raspberry an 8gig device?

It is 4gb.

Does NextCloudPI need 8Gb?

Previous versions have worked with no problem.