Unable to Access External Storage Through WebDav

Users are unable to access the Nextcloud shares via webdav. Only the files stored on the Nextcloud server are accessible and none of the externally connected shares (internal file server) are accessible.

I get an error that the network resource is not available. These externally connected shares are accessible when accessing them on the Nextcloud site.

Nextcloud is running on Ubuntu 20.

File servers are Windows Server 2012 R2.

well… strange concept to appear in a nextcloudfriendly forum asking for help while insulting the product at the same time… :man_shrugging:

formatted how?

Just having a little fun.

Formatted NTFS.

maybe this is the problem… as NTFS doesn’t provide permission setting like a linux-system would need.

just sayin’

Understood. Is this a known issue? I can’t seem to find anything stating that external storages are not accessible via webdav if they are formatted with NTFS.

Anything else I can try?